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Special issue on Imperialism & War

Published: 08 September 2013

Critique is looking for innovative essays around the topic of Imperialism and War, to mark the 100th anniversary of the First World War. In principle, essays can be historical, political, political economic or interdisciplinary and should be very roughly 8,000 to 12,000 words in length If we get more than can fit into one issue we will run to as many issues as are needed to do justice to the subject.

We propose including the whole gamut of causes and consequences, given the extra-ordinary nature of the First World War, its mindless cruelty and destructiveness on the the one hand but the fantastic explosion of working class revolution throughout Europe on the other. The ruling class was bent on compelling its citizens to fight to the last man, for a cause which disappeared into the mist. Imperialism which most see as a crucial underling cause of the war continues down to the present and conceptions of imperialism, even as applicable to the War of 1914-18 have developed.

Below are a few ideas as to the themes involved.

Causes of the Ist World War, such as

Theorists of the Causes of the First World War such as:

Nature of Imperialism in general, down to the present.

The final deadline for articles is February 22, 2014