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Critique is an independent scholarly journal, founded in 1973. It attempts to analyse contemporary society, both East and West, from a critical Marxist perspective... show moreRejecting the concept of socialism in one country, and the possibility that a country could be both socialist and undemocratic, it seeks to show that the problems of our time are governed by the necessity for democratic control over all aspects of society. The absence of democratic control leads to an inefficient, wasteful and hierarchically structured economy, though in different ways according to the particular society.

Critique attempts to analyse the forms, laws, tendencies and relations existing in different countries in the broader perspective of the epoch. It attempts to document the development of socialist opposition movements in Eastern Europe but its fundamental endeavour is to develop Marxist method and political economy both in principle and through application.

Yassamine Mather discusses the restaging of the Tehran conference photo on BBC Persian

Video: The state of the world economy

Recording of the Critique webinar held on 30th March

Critique Notes 90

Yassamine Mather writes on Iran, introducing a special issue with five articles by Iranian authors. And Hillel Ticktin discusses the US election and global pandemic

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