CRITIQUE is an independent scholarly journal, founded in 1973. It attempts to analyse contemporary society, both East and West, from a critical Marxist perspective. Rejecting the concept of socialism in one country, and the possibility that a country could be both socialist and undemocratic, it seeks to show that the problems of our time are governed by the necessity for democratic control over all aspects of society. The absence of democratic control leads to an inefficient, wasteful and hierarchically structured economy, though in different ways according to the particular society.

Critique attempts to analyse the forms, laws, tendencies and relations existing in different countries in the broader perspective of the epoch. It attempts to document the development of socialist opposition movements in Eastern Europe but its fundamental endeavour is to develop Marxist method and political economy both in principle and through application.

Critique conference 2016: Timetable available

The Critique conferences for the next 2 years (2016, 1017) will raise a series of aspects of the Russian Revolution in a global context.

More information here - timetable now available!

Critique panel at Left Futures 2016

Critique are sponsoring a panel at this year's Left Futures conference in New York. Participating will be Michael Hudson, Yassamine Mather and Hillel Ticktin.

More information here

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